Laura’s Pick of the Week for Oct. 8


Chico's, Cabi, St.John

Check out the great labels on this outfit!

Here's a nice ensemble with great labels in each piece at a fraction of retail price. Black Cabi sleeveless top, Size Medium, $31. St. John Size 4, Charcoal knit skirt, $76. Top it off with a Chico's Blazer, Size 8-10, in a block pattern, $34.


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Jodi’s Pick of the Week for Aug. 27


Cabi, One World, Burberry

Burberry, Cabi, One World

Go from the office to dinner with the girls in this outfit. Black One World Cardigan over a white turtleneck or white blouse. Large. $34. Great Cabi black and white tweed slacks. Size 8. $34. Top it off with layers of necklaces, red plaid belt, and a Burberry plaid purse. $76.


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